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Dead Sympathy - Suspense is the key phrase in this full length drama. A young couple brings home a kindly older man they met at a traveling carnival. They only wanted to give him a  Christmas meal but putting him back out in the cold was something they just couldn't do. Already themselves struggling artist, his presence begins to drain both their finances and the life out of their family as he begins to dominate their home, their life, and their every waking thought. In an attempt to recover their family, they must confront him with the truth, but the truth brings out a dark response. He is not the nice old man they thought he was.  

Filmed on location in Atlanta, GA in wide screen 35MM. Written and directed by Pat Cooksey, this film utilizes to the fullest the cinamatic language of light and sound together with outstanding performances to achieve the audience captivating mood of suspense and drama.