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 On the leading edge of technology, HDTV offers the client many options in future proofing his production. Originating on HD gives an original that can be utilized in many ways.
The images are ready for future HD digital broadcast. Already many major cities (including Atlanta) are broadcasting digital channels. Local television stores are stocking HDTV ready digital widescreen television sets.
HDTV can be downconverted to Digital Betacam in either wide screen or pan and scan 4:3 and retains the full bandwidth the Digital Betacam format can handel. The images are as good as it gets in standard 4:3 Digital Televison. With image massaging techniques such as the Film Look or Cine Look, NTSC images can become indistinguisable from film originated images.
HDTV can also be scanned to motion picture film. The image structure of the HDTV image give results on film equal to origination on super 16. For features or dramatic productions that might end up on film, HDTV offers a path with the convience of video production: Imediate feed back through the HDTV monitor on the set, low tape consumption cost (85.00 for a 40 minute HDTV Cassette verses 135.00 for 11 minutes of 16MM). No Lab Cost. No audio syncing cost. Imediate dailies, etc.
We offer a complete HDTV Production package Including:
Sony HDW700 1120i Wide Screen Camcorder
Sony HD Wide Screen Portable Monitor
Sachtler Video 20 Tripod
Arri Fresnel Light Kit
Grip Package