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Headshot: Shelley - Photo: Pat CookseyShelley Holland Cooksey
Height: 5'10
Weight: 125
Eyes: hazel
Hair: Blonde

Prince and the Pauper       Pauper                     GMT Productions
Bambi in the Woods         Mother                     GMT Productions
Oklahoma                            Laurie                       Henry Playersr
Music Man                        Mother                      JHS Theater
Lil Abner                            Yokum Girl                JHS Theater
Help                                    Old Woman              JHS Theater
America, Its a  Dream       featured vocalist     Clovers & Company
On Broadway                    featured vocalist     Clovers & Company

Atlanta Blue                               Nora                 Mayham Productions
On Shooting Film                      principal           Motion Visuals, Inc.
Mayhem on  the Midway        extra                  Mayhem Productions
Remember the Titans               extra                  Run it Up Productions

Adventure Journal                     principal         Motion Visuals, Inc.
When a Storm Hits Georgia     night scene    GPTV

Soprano (opera, pop, country), piano, hair stylist, firearms, road cycling, skin diving, backpacking, sailing.

British, Scottish, Irish, Cockney, New England, Southern, Northern, Australian.

Agent: Blue Penguin Films
           Tel. 770/504-8978
           Voice Mail: 1-877-516-4709