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Ultracam 35
The Ultracam 35 camera system designed by Leonetti and Wilcox will seem very familiar to those accustomed to working with the Panaflex Gold. The design, movement, set up configuration, hand held mode, features, specs, and accessaries are very much like the Panaflex. The camere uses a single pull down claw with duel Mitchell type pin registration. The 1000' or 500' magazines will mount on either the top for studio configuration or on the rear of the camera for hand held. The Ultranon prime lenses which incoprorate Ziess and Cooke optics interface directly with the built in follow focus mechinism on the front of the camera. An extention allows the use of zoom lenses with the follow focus.
My package is very complete consisting of :
Camera body
Short and extention viewfinders
5 Ground glass
4 1000' Mags
4 500' Mags
5X6 Matte Box
Set of 25 5X6 assorted filters
Short and long Rods with sliding base plate
Hand held configuration bracketry
2 Batteries & Charger
6 Ultranon Prime Lenses (Inc. 15mm untra wide)
1  20 - 120 Cooke Zoom
Zoom Motor
CCD B&W Video assist
Oconner 100 Tripod

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